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Luxurious, warm and sweet – invigorate your senses with the scent of pure rose absolute, ethically sourced from the stunning rose valleys of Bulgaria. Hand-picked in the month of May, it takes 700kgs of petals to extract 1kg of oil! The petals are carefully processed without additives or chemicals to maintain freshness and potency. This rich, fragrant absolute is then infused into our formulas to give you an indulgent self-care experience.

As part of our ethical sourcing program, our fragrance partner, Givaudan, collaborates with local producers and farming communities to harvest the roses and extract a pure absolute.


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Come, take in the delicate floral fragrance of lavender, native to the breathtaking fields of France. This sweet, calming scent is ethically sourced between July and August using the ‘prefane’ technique, that helps maintain the quality of the essential oil. Local French farmers, that are a part of our Givaudan ethical sourcing program, carefully hand-pick 150kgs of lavender to extract a mere 1kg of oil.


This sweet fragrance is then blended into our formulas to lightly scent your hair & skin, & soothe your senses.

Mimosa Flower

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Reminiscent of sunny days by the beach, mimosa flowers have a delicious, citrusy fragrance to them that is perfect to slip into a tropical state of mind! Equally refreshing and soothing, we source our mimosa flowers from the Mediterranean country of Morocco. The flowers are first hand-picked between March and April by local Moroccan women, who then extract a high-quality oil to give your hair care and body care routines a vacay-like feel!


The energizing fragrance of our mimosa flower essential oil is sourced by communities that are a part of our Givaudan ethical sourcing program, which ensures high standards of health, safety & business integrity of our farmers./p>


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Much-loved for its earthy fragrance wrapped with woody notes, our vetiver is sourced from the Caribbean country of Haiti. Amongst perfumers worldwide, Haitian vetiver is considered to have the most refined and balanced scent. Evocative of a romantic rainy day, 260 local farmers produce our vetiver essential oil that goes into our formulas. It takes 200kgs of vetiver roots to produce 1kg of oil, all of which are meticulously hand-picked and treated.


Our fragrance partner, Givaudan, ensures the responsible sourcing of the essential oil, whilst working towards enhancing the livelihoods of our farming communities.

White Jasmine

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Enriched with the finest “Orpur” quality of white jasmine absolute, our floral fragrance comes all the way from Egypt. White jasmine, which is adored for its delicate sweetness and uplifting floral fragrance, is hand-picked every morning between 6AM to 11AM to get the best quality blooms. 9 million flowers are harvested to extract 1kg of absolute, which is then infused into our formulas without added chemicals to capture the most potent fragrance for you.


Givaudan partners with local Egyptian farming communities to ethically source this absolute that makes our formulas a fragrant bliss for your hair.


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Ethically sourced from the island of Indonesia, patchouli exudes an incredibly rich, woody scent with slight smokey notes. This one-of-a-kind fragrance has a feminine touch to it, that instantly soothes and calms your senses. The patchouli leaves are first carefully hand-picked by local farming communities that are a part of our ethical sourcing program in partnership with Givaudan, via a painstaking distillation process.


Post extraction of the essential oil, it is then blended into our formulas to give you a unique sensorial experience and a fragrant kiss from nature!

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