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Veganism, originally a niche, is an increasingly popular lifestyle world over. As people get more eco-conscious, people are looking for more vegan options, not just on their plates, but on their beauty shelves too. So, what does veganism mean when it comes to beauty products? To put it plainly, vegan products are those which don’t contain any animal by-products. That means no beeswax, no keratin, gelatin, lanolin and so on. At Love Beauty & Planet, we're committed to making the best beauty products for you without harming any of our furry friends, and so, all our products are 100% vegan, with no use of animal-based ingredients. To maintain efficacy, we make our formulas with the best plant-based alternatives sourced from around the world, to ensure beauty for you and love for the planet.


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It's obvious that we’re a beauty-obsessed bunch, but we’re equally obsessed with kindness – towards our animal friends, and the planet. We believe that none of our actions should ever impact the world around us negatively, and so, all our products are 100% cruelty-free – which means they’re NOT tested on animals in any way and are developed to be safe for humans by using only non-animal approaches.


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We didn’t stop at being vegan and cruelty-free; we went a step ahead and got ourselves PETA certified to make sure that you can trust us and our commitment to the planet. To earn the PETA certification, we showed proof of the fact that none of our products are tested on animals and none of our suppliers are doing that for the raw materials too. Even after being certified, PETA regularly keeps a check on our processes to let us continue being on their list of clean beauty brands. Our vegan, cruelty-free and planet-friendly approaches are a top priority for us, and the PETA bunny on our bottles is our way of promising that all our skin and hair care products are 100% cruelty-free and will never be tested on animals.

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