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Buy Curly Hair Products At Love Beauty And Planet

Managing curly hair is easier said than done. Although some of us are born with curly or wavy hair, using the right products can make or break the deal. Get ready to explore how you can get frizz-free, shiny, bouncy curls and waves with Love Beauty and Planet curly hair products.


Love Beauty and Planet has designed curly hair products that will let you embrace your hair's natural texture without causing any damage to it. Our products are infused with ethically sourced natural ingredients meant to nourish your beautiful tresses. The silicone, paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and leave-in conditioner works like magic for Indian curly hair. But before diving deeper into the Love Beauty and Planet gems, let’s understand curly hair better.

Types Of Curly Hair

Unlike other hair types, curly hair is found to be diverse in shape and texture. Loose curls, bouncy ones, zigzag curls, tight coils, natural waves and so on. But they’re mostly categorized into three types. Let’s see what those are:

  1. Type 1 Curls
  2. These kinds of curls are wider and are often addressed as wavy hair. You will see them falling flat at the roots and forming beautiful waves at the bottom. This type is the easiest to care for when it comes to maintaining curly hair. Avoid using heavy curl creams on this hair type as they can weigh your hair down. Leave-in conditioners with a lightweight formula will work best.

  3. Type 2 Curls
  4. These curls form a ringlet kind of a structure. They can be loose or tight like a corkscrew. Here, the hair cuticle is more open which makes it difficult for the natural oils of the hair to reach to the bottom. Using frizz-control hair products on these types of curls would make them more manageable. Make sure the products have hydrating ingredients to prevent dryness.

  5. Type 3 Curls
  6. Coily hair is all about Type 4 curls. They can range from being S-shaped to zigzag in nature. They may shrink a lot which may make the length of the hair appear much shorter than it really is. It is undeniably the most fragile category of curls and prone to becoming quite dry. Go for intense hydrating products that may be slightly heavier in formulation.

The Role Of Rice Water In Maintaining Curly Hair

Soaking some rice and making DIY Rice water for that Sunday at-home spa might sound familiar especially if you have curly hair. An intriguing fact about Rice water? Japanese ladies were the first ones to dip their toes in the trend. They used to cleanse their suberakashi (floor-length hair) with rice water.

Rice water can give your hair amazing lustre, detangle your tresses and gives a mega moisture boost.

  • Smoothens Tresses: Rice water helps prevent and reverse hair damage. Curly hair has difficulty retaining moisture and that might make the hair look dull and dry. It can reduce frizz and tame fly-offs as well.

  • Detangles: Curly hair is prone to getting easily tangled. Rice water can effortlessly detangle hair making it easy to comb and manage.

  • Adds Lustre: Rice is a rich source of starch which naturally adds a gorgeous lustre to the hair. It is also a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals which improves the overall health of your locks.

  • Hydrates Hair: Rice water rinse is like giving your hair a protein shower. It prevents moisture loss and keeps the hair hydrated for a longer period. This helps those curls stay hydrated and healthy.
Explore The Curly Hair Range At Love Beauty And Planet

Jump onto the curly hair care journey fearlessly with Love Beauty and Planet. We have designed a range to pamper your curls without harming planet Earth. Are you ready to take care of your curly hair?

  • Love Beauty and Planet Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Shampoo
  • Embrace the power of Rice water with our sulphate and paraben free shampoo for wavy and curly hair. Love Beauty and Planet believes in ethically sourcing good quality natural ingredients. We ferment our Rice water from black kavuni rice, a rare variety of rice found in the southern region of India. The probiotic fermented Rice water in this shampoo for curly hair is loaded with proteins that help detangle hair, reduce frizz and define curls.

    Let this celebrated ingredient breathe life in your curls. The Love Beauty and Planet shampoo showers your curls with nature’s love. With the power of Rice water, say hello to gorgeous, well-maintained curls and goodbye to frizz. Cleanse your hair regularly with Rice water shampoo for hair for the best results.

  • Love Beauty and Planet Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Conditioner
  • Manage your curly hair with our paraben free conditioner for curls and waves. It can condition any type of curls intensely. Embrace the dance of your curls with the Rice water studded conditioner. Forget frizzy curls and fill every strand of your hair with vitality and health.

    Apart from fermented Rice water, the silicone free conditioner is infused with natural Angelica seed oil. We source a pure form of this oil from the French countryside. The soft, delicate, floral oil is extracted between the months of March and October once the Angelica flowers blossom. Get lost in the delicate, floral scent of Angelica flowers as you condition your tresses.

  • Love Beauty And Planet Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Leave-In Conditioner
  • Get ready to enjoy some curly hair care romance with our exclusive leave-in Conditioner. Defining curls and maintaining them just got easier. Forget the stress of detangling your curls as this best leave-in conditioner for curly hair smoothens all knots. The timeless allure of Rice water in the leave-in conditioner helps add a stunning lustre to the hair. You will love styling your curly hair with our silicone free leave-in conditioner.

    Love Beauty and Planet believes in extending love beyond the self as well. Our best leave-in conditioner comes in a 100% recycled PCR plastic bottle so that our planet can cherish some love. It is also free from nasties like petroleum derivatives, phthalates, SLES, mineral oil, phosphates, chlorine, heavy metals, parabens, triclosan, formaldehyde and dyes.

How To Maintain Curly Hair

Love Beauty and Planet has crafted a simple yet effective curly hair care routine that will enable you to get the curly hair of your dreams with the best products for curly frizzy hair. The products are 100% vegan, PETA-certified and cruelty-free so that your hair can enjoy the best hair love possible in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Start with cleansing your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Rice water shampoo. Make sure you massage the scalp thoroughly with the shampoo. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Take a dollop of the Love Beauty and Planet Rice water conditioner and apply it to the hair strands. Avoid the scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 3: Finally, take two or three drops of the Love Beauty and Planet leave-in conditioner and apply it to the hair. Detangle and style as your please to enjoy defined, frizz-free curls.

This 3-step hair care routine will change the way your curly hair looks and feels. Maintain those dashing curls with ease with our Rice water and Angelica seed oil range. Let the nature-powered ingredients serve your curly hair to the best and invoke the beauty your hair truly is made up of!

Cherish Hair Care With Love Beauty And Planet

Love Beauty and Planet brings the best of nature to all its hair care products. We have a wide range of products curated with ethically sourced natural ingredients that solve unique hair concerns efficiently.

For instance, our Argan Oil & Lavender Range is dedicated to smoothening dry, dull hair and controlling frizz. We have a special range dedicated to scalp purification. Our Curry Leaves, Biotin & Mandarin Range works miraculously to reduce split ends for longer, stronger hair. Combating hairfall? Love Beauty and Planet makes it easy with the Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli range.

We have a variety of hair care products so that you can create tailored hair care routines for your tresses. Check out our nourishing Hair & Scalp Oils to maintain your scalp health.

To bring home the best of curly hair care, check out the Love Beauty and Planet Rice water & Angelica Seed Oil Value Set For Curly & Wavy Hair 400 ml.

For lazy hair care days, the Love Beauty and Planet Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner is all you need.

For more updates on product launches, reviews and bestsellers check out the Love Beauty and Planet Instagram page. To check out hair care routines and ingredient stories, go browse Love Beauty and Planet blog.

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