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Best Conditioner Online At Love Beauty And Planet

Immerse in the real essence of hair care with Love Beauty and Planet conditioners. Introducing the world of plant-based conditioners for gorgeous tresses. Whether you are scouting for a hair conditioner for dry hair or for frizzy hair, Love Beauty and Planet is where you will find it all!


Love Beauty and Planet conditioners are designed to cater to specific hair concerns and elevate your hair care regimen. Experience the transformative power of our conditioners and dive into the globe of sulphate and paraben conditioners with us!

What Is A Conditioner Used For?

Conditioning is a super essential step in your hair care routine. Reason? It helps lock in moisture and nourish hair. But why do you need a hair conditioner despite using shampoo? Simply because conditioner helps seal the hydration and nourishment lent by a shampoo. While shampoo cleanses away all impurities, conditioner smoothens hair and controls frizz.

Conditioners have the superpower to help specific concerns and nourish targeted areas. Let your hair enjoy vitality with the power of conditioning!

How To Use A Conditioner

Now that we know what a conditioner is used for let’s crack how to use this excellent hair care product.

  • After shampooing your hair, apply a dollop of hair conditioner to hair strands. Do not apply conditioner on the scalp.
  • Let the hair conditioner for women sit on the hair for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water till the conditioner is washed out.
  • Follow with a hair mask with natural ingredients for best results.

Benefits Of Using A Conditioner

What can those couple of extra minutes in the shower lend you with a conditioner? Let’s find out!

  • The best hair conditioners can provide ample hydration to the hair. Choosing a conditioner with hydrating ingredients will help you hype up the moisture levels and flaunt your captivating mane!
  • Our hair is always quenching for more and more nourishment. Natural ingredients can nourish hair strands and reduce split ends like only a shampoo cannot.
  • Conditioning helps smoothen hair strands and eliminate dryness, making it easy to detangle those stubborn knots. Wouldn’t you love reduced hair fall while combing your hair?
  • Our tresses are exposed to pollution, chemicals, dry breeze and so much more. Sulphate-free conditioners envelop the hair and protect it against any potential damage.
  • Some conditioners work wonders in reviving dull hair. Lacklustre hair can be transformed with regular conditioning.
  • If you have color-treated hair, conditioning is a must. Conditioners help lock color and prevent fading so that you can enjoy colored hair for longer!
  • Love styling your hair? Then you cannot skip hair conditioners. Conditioning provides that extra layer of protection to the hair and minimizes damage when exposed to heat.

Best Natural Ingredients In A Conditioner

Nature’s bounty can give a hair care product its authentic charm. Natural ingredients nourish the hair gently and effectively. Let’s uncover some essential natural ingredients that your tresses will love!

  • Coconut Water: Coconut water is as much a health drink for your hair as it is for you. Enjoy voluminous and thick hair with the hydrating powers of coconut water.

  • Murumuru Butter: Murumuru butter is an abundant source of moisturization. Include murumuru butter in your hair care routine to unleash soft, nourished locks.

  • Curry Leaves: From times unknown, Curry leaves are known to strengthen hair. Curry leaves are your go-to ingredient if you’re looking to maintain long hair and get rid of those nasty split ends.

  • Argan Oil: A lot has been said for ages about this amber-hued elixir. Argan oil helps treat frizzy hair and tame fly-offs like nothing else can!

  • Rice Water: Rice water is a blessing in disguise for curly hair. It helps smoothen and moisturize curls and waves.

  • Onion: Onion is undoubtedly an anti-hairfall hero. It is known to strengthen roots and minimize breakage.

Conditioners At Love Beauty and Planet

The good-for-hair natural ingredients can be easily found in all Love Beauty and Planet Conditioners. These conditioners are not only 100% vegan, but they are also free from nasties such as sulphates, parabens and dyes. What’s better? Love Beauty and Planet’s packaging is made of recycled plastic so that you can care for your hair and the planet at the same time.

Flaunt frizz-free hair with our Argan Oil & Lavender Paraben Free Anti-Frizz Conditioner. It is the best conditioner for frizzy hair. Made with pure Moroccan argan oil, the conditioner coats every strand of your hair with luxurious nourishment and natural lustre. Calm frizzy hair with the Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz, Smoothening Combo. Lavender oil, ethically sourced from Provence, France brings an unbelievable serenity to your hair care experience.

Master the art of maintaining curly hair with our Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Leave-In Conditioner. Fermented rice water is a century-old beauty secret of the Yao Women from China’s ancient village. We derive probiotic-rich rice water from Black Kavuni Rice, a rare variety of rice found in South India to glorify your curls. The musky scent of the natural angelica seed oil will transport you to a dreamland you wouldn’t want to snap out of. It is undoubtedly the best conditioner for curly hair.

Forget your worries about maintaining long hair with our Curry Leaves, Biotin & Mandarin Paraben Free Conditioner For Long & Strong Hair. This hair conditioner works magically to unveil visibly thicker and longer hair. What’s the bonus? This vegan conditioner is proven to dramatically reduce split ends so you can proudly toss your long tresses in the air! Use the Curry Leaves, Biotin & Mandarin Shampoo for best results before you condition your hair.

We know that color-treated hair requires extra love. Love Beauty Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Paraben Free Blooming Color Conditioner keeps color-treated hair vibrant and nourished. The Amazonian murumuru butter nourishes hair and protects it from further damage. Escape in the floral haven with the fresh fragrance of Bulgarian roses! Deck up your vanity with the Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo & Conditioner Combo.

Infuse volume to the hair with Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Paraben Free Volume & Bounty Conditioner. We ethically source coconut water from the Philippines for exquisite hair care. Coconut water thickens hair and the delicate Moroccan mimosa flowers bring a delicious, citrusy scent to your shower.

The best conditioner for hair fall is in town! Love Beauty and Planet’s Onion, Blackseed & Patchouli Hairfall Conditioner helps reduce hairfall by 90%* and strengthens hair. The sulphur-rich onion is an old ally of anti-hair fall products. We ethically source onion extract from Himachal Pradesh and meticulously distil and extract its essential oil. For amazing results, oil your regularly with our Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli Hairfall Control Hair Oil.

Love Beauty and Planet offers a comprehensive selection of hair conditioners tailored to meet diverse hair needs. From tackling dryness and frizz to enhancing the natural beauty of curls and waves, their range of hair conditioners has something for everyone. With a focus on nourishing ingredients and eco-conscious formulations, Love Beauty and Planet conditioners provide deep hydration and replenishment without weighing down the hair. Whether you're searching for the best conditioner for dry hair, frizzy hair, or the best leave-in conditioner for curly hair, our products deliver luxurious results. Infused with ethically sourced ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, we offer the best hair conditioners in India.

Explore An Array Of Conditioners At Love Beauty And Planet

From hydrating conditioners to leave-in conditioners for long hair, Love Beauty and Planet offers nature’s best ingredients for supreme hair care.

Explore reviews on our conditioners and other hair care and body care products, tips and trivia on our Instagram page and blog.

Find a wide range of products to level up your hair care and body care game at Love Beauty and Planet. Start your planet-loving journey today with our extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, hair and scalp oils, hair masks and hair serums.

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