What sustainably sourced ingredients mean for beauty products

It’s a lot easier to go green with your beauty routine these days. You can skip daily shampooing, use less water, repurpose your bottles, or buy groceries in bigger bulk. And, more brands like Love Beauty and Planet are committing to responsible sourcing with definitive sustainable goals. To live more sustainably, look out for beauty products with more environmentally-friendly packaging and formulas, like our 2in1 Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Shampoo And Conditioner Bar.

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How recycled beauty packaging helps the planet

Recycling is something that most of us are, hopefully, already very invested in. Cardboard boxes, empty cans, and glass bottles – we all know how to get rid of kitchen waste appropriately. But did you ever think about your beauty product’s packaging before? We did and are proud to say that many of our products come in bottles made out of recycled plastic or are wrapped in paper. This way we guarantee product safety that doesn’t negatively affect the environment. Get the lowdown on how recycling helps the environment here.

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What Are Parabens? And, Why They Don't Belong in Your Beauty Products

You probably have heard of a little thing called parabens. It’s a red-hot topic in the world of beauty and haircare right now. But what are parabens? Are parabens bad? And why all the fuss? At Love Beauty and Planet, we set out to create a brand that we could feel good about. Hair and beauty products that are kind to us, and kind to the world around us. Choosing naturally derived ingredients carefully is one of the small acts of love we carry out daily to help improve the happiness of our beautiful planet. So, read on to discover...

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