Our packaging story

Our packaging story


At Love Beauty & Planet, we're determined to do good things for you while giving a little love to the planet, too!

That’s why we decided to thoughtfully curate bottles with recyclable waste in order to practice sustainability in all possible forms. While our journey to a greener, cleaner & more beautiful planet has just begun, we're doing everything in our power to make a difference.

we <3 recycled packaging

It sounds messy, but we go foraging for plastic waste! Trust us, it’s for a clean agenda – recycling! We want to keep our planet healthy and that’s why we use only 100% PCR plastic (Post-Consumer Resin – refers to bottles made from recycled materials) to formulate our bottles. Proof? It’s the reason why our transparent bottles are not completely see-through. PCR plastic is unique, it ensures the reduction of carbon footprint and lessens the impact on landfills to meet the overall sustainability goal. Well, that’s not all, the label that you see on our transparent bottles is stuck with Cleanflakes Adhesive to make removal easy and quick, thus also saves water. While we take pride in giving a little love back to the planet, not all our plastics are PCR plastic – our caps being one of them. But we are working our ways to change that, and we are just getting started!

Recycled Packaging


giving a little love back to the planet

Each day, we work towards reducing the plastic burden on the planet. That’s why we practice our bit by doing away with packaging means that are toxic for the environment. So, we decided to use what’s already available to us – plastic waste. We pick them off landfills and convert them into our bottles for our gorgeous smelling, vegan products. When you're spreading a little love by recycling our packs, always check the label first. Plant-based goodies for you, new purpose for plastic waste and a small new lease of life for the planet. #Smallactsoflove for all!

Giving Back To The Planet


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