If your curls are not curling the way they should, you’re not alone. It might have taken you some time to let go of the hair straightener and finally accept your natural texture. Then, you spent months and years perfecting the wash and styling routine that works for you (or still are). But here we are, suddenly your curl pattern looks different. You’re doing everything as usual, but your hair is just refusing to sit right and you have no idea why. Well, we can answer that question, keep scrolling!


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5 Reasons Why Your Curl Pattern Has Changed

5 Reasons Why Your Curl Pattern Has Changed

1. Hormones 

These little trouble-makers can bring about mighty changes in our bodies. Turns out, they're also the masterminds behind our curl pattern. Fluctuations in hormone levels, especially during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, can send your once-perfect curls into a total frenzy. 

2. Damaged Hair 

If you’ve been going back to the good ol’ straightener, wearing tight hairstyles, undergoing chemical treatments, or have been neglecting your hair for a while, it's taking a toll on your curl pattern. Hair damage is the evil villain lurking in the shadows, ready to snatch away your precious curls at a moment's notice. But hey, for the good part, you can undo all this damage STAT with our Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Curl Care Hair Mask. This 2-minute mask is formulated with curl-friendly ingredients that intensely hydrate your hair and define your curls. It also adds protein to your hair shaft that helps improve your hair’s structure to reduce frizz and split ends for healthy, bouncy curls! 

3. Scalp Buildup 

Whether it's from product residue, dirt, grease or environmental pollutants, buildup can wreak havoc on your curls to make them go limp and out-of-shape. What you need in this case is a scalp scrub. Along with your regular cleansing routine, incorporate our Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Scalp Scrub once every 15 days to detoxify and purify your scalp. Formulated with super-fine walnut shell powder that gently yet thoroughly buffs away all the gunk, along with tea tree oil that eliminates any white flakes or itchiness. With this scrubby baby you can restore balance to your scalp – and your curls will thank you for it! 

4. Dehydrated Hair Ends

The longer your hair is, the heavier it gets. And this added weight pulls on your roots. So, as the length of your hair increases, your curls get lengthened and stretched out, which changes your curl pattern. If you prefer bouncy or tighter curls, opt for a shorter hair length. Although, if those long, loose curls are per your liking, simply go for regular trims to maintain the length and keep your hair looking healthy. Don’t forget to show those dry ends some extra love with a nourishing hair serum. This will keep them hydrated and healthy, saving you the trouble of chopping them off. 

5. Lack Of Moisture

Just like your skin, your hair too needs a ton of hydration and healthy lipids to maintain its shape and structure. Take your curls back to their golden days with our curly hair routine. Consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave-in conditioner and gel, these products listen to your hair’s needs and give them the right amount of hydration and protein for those perfectly defined juicy ringlets and waves. This routine is for all ages and all curl types. Whether you’re a 2B or a 3C hair type, we’ve got you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 Can you permanently lose your curl pattern? 

A. If you’ve been undergoing back-to-back chemical treatments, it is possible that you can permanently lose or alter your curl pattern. However, if your curl pattern has changed due to scalp buildup, hair growth or hair damage, you can definitely reverse it with the right curly hair care products. 

Q:2 Can stress change your curl pattern? 

A. Yes. Undergoing stress for a prolonged period of time can cause hormonal fluctuations, which can change the way your curls appear. 

Q:3 How do I tighten my curl pattern? 

A. Use a styling cream and gel on damp hair to enhance and maintain the shape and definition of your natural curls. Then use the scrunching method— by lifting your hair up towards the scalp and then closing the fist. Do this section by section covering all your hair to get tighter-looking curls.


Written by Rhea Shah on Apr 22, 2024