Ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to scalp health, not giving sufficient attention to your scalp can wreak havoc on your tresses. Our bodies naturally shed old skin cells, but sometimes, they need a little extra push in the right direction. That's where scalp exfoliation comes in.

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Best Scalp Scrub And How To Use It

How To Use?


Despite using a good shampoo and cleansing your scalp and hair every single day, nothing can match the scalp exfoliation that a scalp scrub brings in. Want to learn how to use a scalp scrub for healthy, happy hair? Scroll on!

Best Scalp Scrub And How To Use It

Your scalp will adore the nature-powered exfoliation by Love Beauty and Planet's hero scalp scrub. Presenting Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Scalp Scrub.

 This anti-dandruff scalp scrub is infused with ethically sourced Tea tree oil that works its anti-bacterial properties for purifying the scalp. To gently exfoliate the scalp, we have added Walnut shell powder to the formulation. We bet you will love the cooling sensation of Peppermint oil, which also helps in blood circulation.

How To Use?

1. Wet your hair thoroughly as if you were just about to shampoo it.

2. Take the desired amount of scalp scrub and massage it well.

3. Use a scalp-purifying shampoo and let the cleansing begin. Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree, Peppermint & Vetiver Sulfate Free Purifying Shampoo is an excellent choice for scalp care.

4. Now condition your tresses with a scalp-detox conditioner for purified scalp. We recommend Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree, Peppermint & Vetiver Paraben Free Purifying Conditioner for the ultimate vegan scalp care. Love refreshing fragrances? This conditioner is infused with ethically sourced Haitian Vetiver roots for a rejuvenating, earthy aroma.

    How To Get The Best Of Scalp Scrub Benefits?

    To take scalp care a notch further we recommend giving your scalp that extra love! Don’t scratch that itchy scalp more and insert a scalp serum in your scalp care routine. A scalp serum really gets into the roots and nourishes the scalp like nothing else can. It gently detoxifies the scalp and prepares it for the exfoliation by scalp scrub.

    Don’t worry, you do not need to scour for a scalp serum when Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree & Rosemary Scalp Serum is just a click away. Packed with the antibacterial benefits of Tea tree oil and the soothing properties of Rosemary extract, this scalp serum is a formula for flake-free scalp. The bonus? It’s completely free from mineral oil, parabens and dyes.

    Common Myths About Scalp Exfoliation

    Now that we’ve covered the basics about scalp exfoliation, let’s do some myth busting!

    1. Leave Your Scalp Alone: This is one of the most misunderstood concepts about scalp care. If you think caring for your scalp can irritate it further, think again. Yes, over-exfoliation can be counterproductive for the scalp but giving your scalp a good detox once or twice a week is a must for nourished hair.

    2. Exfoliate Daily: The other extreme of the spectrum. Don’t go nuts on your scalp guys. Scrubbing it every day can not only rip it of essential moisture but also damage the gentle pores of the skin. So daily exfoliation? - A complete NO.

    3. Scalp Scrubs Are Overhyped: Just imagine all the debris resting on your scalp? The pesky snowfall! Those days when your hands are busy scratching your itchy scalp? How will you get rid of these issues without a good scalp scrub? No matter what other products you indulge into, there’s no escape from a scalp scrub. Scalp scrubs help get into the spaces a shampoo or any other product cannot and leave a fresh, speck-free scalp.

      What About Chemical Scalp Scrubs?

      Apart from common DIY scrubs and nature-powered scalp scrubs, there are plenty of chemical scrubs available in the market. How are they different from other scrubs? Chemical exfoliants contains active ingredients glycolic acid and salicylic acid that usually work up dead skin cells and cleanse the scalp. Their action is more oriented towards peeling rather than exfoliating.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q.1: Will scalp exfoliation help me with hair growth?

      A. Scalp buildup, dandruff and greasy scalp can stunt hair growth and even cause hair loss. Healthy hair can be a phenomenon only when the hair follicles have a clean, healthy space to breathe and grow. So, if you’re looking for any benefit beyond dandruff-free scalp, you need to start exfoliating your scalp!

      Q.2: Are there any side-effects of using a scalp scrub?

      A. Whilst there are no side-effects of using a scalp scrub, we recommend choosing your scalp scrub wisely. If you want to go for a chemical exfoliant, consult a hair expert or dermatologist to avoid burning your fingers. If you want to go for DIY scrubs, don’t add citrusy ingredients if you have a sensitive scalp. Also, completely avoid scalp exfoliation if you have a scalp infection, an open cut or lice. If you’re already using a scalp scrub and that is causing allergies, please discontinue immediately and consult a doctor.




      Written by Team Love Beauty And Planet on Nov 30, 2023