Go to bed with a lovely head of curls and wake up with flattened hair. We know we are not alone in this quest to keep spirals looking flawless overnight. You've been there too! The truth is that we can't just wake up, shake, and go. However, if we put in a little additional work before going to bed, the fight will not be as tough. This blog focuses on certain tips and tricks on how to manage curly hair resulting in a happier, bouncier, and less frizzy morning for our beautiful locks!


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Why Protect Your Curls Overnight?

How To Keep Curls Overnight

Why Protect Your Curls Overnight?

Curly, wavy, or coily hair requires more care and attention than straight hair. This remains accurate even when you're asleep. After a long day, all we want to do is fall into bed, cross our fingers and not worry about how to set curly hair. However, we may save our future selves the trouble of dealing with unruly hair by taking a few seconds to smooth out our curls before we turn in for the night.

Curls that stay put all night and require little to no style in the morning! Additionally, by taking precautions, your curls will be less likely to break when you sleep. As a result, your hair will gradually thicken, become stronger, and become silkier.

How To Keep Curls Overnight

Here are our tried-and-true tips how to maintain curls while you sleep. Find out what works best for your locks so you can get the most out of your curls in the morning. 

1. Use A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

Conventional cotton pillowcases soak up all the moisture from your hair while you sleep, leading to dry, knotted curls. Frizz and breakage are the results of the friction caused by the pillowcase's rough surface against the hair. This problem, however, can be avoided by sleeping with a satin pillowcase, bonnet, or scarf over your hair. Satin is not absorbent. In the night, your curls will be protected from frizz and breakage as they glide over its velvety smooth surface. 

2. Hydrate Your Curls

Doing a "refresh" before bed will help keep curls moisturized throughout the night, much like keeping a glass of water beside your bed. Before you hit the bed, shower with our Rice Water and Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Shampoo for Curly and Wavy Hair. This helps manage and define your curls by reducing frizz and providing much-needed hydration.

Take it a notch higher and add our Rice Water and Angelica Seed Oil Curl Care Hair Mask to your shower routine. It is packed with protein-rich fermented rice water that hydrates your hair while enhancing and defining your natural curls. It seals in moisture and offers frizz control for up to 48 hours to leave your curls soft, lusciously shiny, and irresistibly bouncy.

3. Braid Or Twist Your Hair

After adding the much-needed moisture to your hair with a leave-in conditioner, take a step further to braid and twist your hair. If your hair has tighter curls or coils, twisting it is a terrific way to keep it from shrinking and keep its definition. Braiding your hair is another way to let your hair keep the curls and stay put all night long.


There is no "one size fits all" option when you think about curly hair, whether it's in terms of haircare products or styles. If you want your curls to stay defined and healthy, work to protect them overnight. You need to take extra care of your curly hair. You can keep your curls looking gorgeous for a long time by using the correct haircare products and using the correct styling techniques. For healthy, frizz-free curls, experiment with several sleep protection methods until you find one that works for your curl pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 How does hair type affect preserving curls overnight?

A. Your hair type can significantly influence how well your curls hold up overnight. For instance, individuals with fine hair might find that their curls lose shape more easily, requiring extra care to preserve them. On the other hand, those with thicker hair might notice that their curls hold up better given the natural weight and density of their strands. 

Q:2 How does moisture impact curl preservation overnight?

A. Moisture is a crucial factor in preserving your curls overnight. Dry hair is generally more prone to frizz and losing its curl pattern, while properly moisturized hair is better equipped to hold its shape. Ensuring your hair is adequately hydrated before going to bed can lead to a significant difference in how well your curls last through the night. 

Q:3 How often should I wash my curls to keep them healthy and easy to manage?

A. Many things come into play when deciding how often you should wash your curls, such as your hair type, how you live your life, and your own preferences. Excessive washing can damage your hair by removing its natural oils. However, waiting too long between washes can result in buildup and scalp issues. As a general guideline, washing your curls every 2-3 days is often sufficient to keep them clean and healthy. 


Written by Samradni Pradhan on Apr 05, 2024