We’ve all heard the phrase—let food be thy medicine—but how much do we really believe in it? Along with the obvious health benefits, eating nutrient dense foods can impact your hair health. Research by the National Institute of Health denotes how consuming fatty acids, iron, vitamin E, etc. are vital to healthy hair. Failing to meet the required level can lead to hair fall and other hair issues. The good news is that there are indeed certain foods that help hair growth.

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Foods That Can Trigger Hair Fall

Foods That Can Trigger Hair Fall 

Before we directly jump to the list of foods for hair growth, it's only fair to know foods are the real culprits and are silently causing your precious tresses to shed. (70-100 strands a day is considered normal)

1. Simple Carbs 

Foods like cakes, cookies, or refined foods like white rice, white bread or pasta are simple carbs. They increase the production of sebum in the scalp. Although beneficial for hair health, excessive sebum can cause scalp inflammation and affect overall hair health.

2. Mercury-Rich Fish

The high levels of mercury in certain fishes can cause severe hair fall. It’s best to stick to 2-3 servings a week and opt for fishes low in mercury like tuna, cod and salmon.

3. Red Meat And Fried Foods

Similar to simple carbs, red meat and fried foods stimulate overactivity in the sebaceous glands, which leads to poor scalp health and hair fall.

Foods That Help Hair Growth

Although in the nascent stage of research, studies show that hair fall is linked to a diet that is poor in healthy calories, protein and certain types of micronutrients.

1. Proteins 

Rich in amino acids, proteins are crucial for healthy hair. The hair shaft is almost made entirely of keratin (a form of protein), which is why a sufficient consumption of this nutrient is crucial to curb hair fall.

Foods Include:

  • Cottage Cheese
  • Poultry and Fish
  • Eggs
  • Seeds

2. Healthy Fats

Also known as unsaturated fats, these are essential to keep your hair hydrated and promote new hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body, so consuming them naturally in the form of foods (or supplements) is the way to go.

Foods Include:

  • Fatty Fish (salmon)
  • Olive Oil
  • Walnuts
  • Flax Seeds
  • Avocados

3. Biotin

Biotin is key to hair growth and can be found naturally in a number of foods. It is responsible to facilitate the production of keratin, which is in turn responsible for controlling hair fall.

Foods Include:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Egg Yolk
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower Seeds

4. Iron

Low iron levels can accelerate shedding and trigger hair fall. It can also alter the structure and texture of hair, causing dryness and dullness.

Foods Include:

  • Spinach
  • Lentils & Chickpeas
  • White Beans
  • Dried Apricots
  • Whole Grains (quinoa, oats)

5. Folate

Just like biotin, folate, which is a form of vitamin B, is also responsible for keratin production and rebuilding of hair.

Foods Include:

  • Leafy Veggies
  • Beets
  • Peas
  • Asparagus
  • Asparagus

Hair Care Products That Help Reduce Hair Fall 

While the aforementioned foods can internally help with hair growth, below are a few hair care products that are infused with the goodness of natural anti-hair fall ingredients.

1. Scalp Serum

A scalp serum offers concentrated help to this SOS situation. You simply have to apply it to your roots and massage it for a couple minutes. Formulated with growth-boosting ingredients, our Curry Leaves & Vegan Biotin Hair Growth Scalp Serum offers unmatched results. With 100% users noticing visible reduction in hair thinning in only 28 days.

2. Hair Oil

Our nourishing Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli Hairfall Control Hair Oil is seriously the best pre-poo treatment out there. Why, you ask? Firstly, it is made up of 100% pure onion oil, which leads up to 4x less hair fall! Plus, the calming patchouli fragrance simply elevates your champi sesh.

3. Shampoo And Conditioner

Ready to experience 15x less split ends and longer, thicker hair? With our Curry Leaves, Biotin & Mandarin Long & Strong Hair Care Combo your hair will never be the same! This duo strengthens your hair fiber, improves volume and density and lends healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 How long would it take to see results after changing my diet for hair growth?

A. Trying to heal your hair through food is a sustainable and steady process. I can take anywhere between 3-6 months to notice changes in your hair growth and quality after you’ve made positive changes in your diet.

Q:2 Can certain foods help prevent hair thinning or hair loss due to aging?

A. Experiencing hair loss or thinning due to aging is an inevitable process. However, you can delay it by consuming foods that are rich in iron, folate, protein and healthy fats.

Q:3 What should be the daily intake of foods for hair growth?

A. Foods like nuts, berries and seeds can be consumed every day. As for proteins (eggs, cottage cheese, fish) and healthy fats (fatty fish, avocados, olive oil) one can try consuming them at least 2-3 times a week.



Written by Rhea Shah on Jan 15, 2024