Caring for hair is a full-time job, no matter what your hair type is. If you’re struggling to keep frizzy hair at bay, then you’ve landed at the right place. With the right techniques and products, you can keep your locks smooth and sleek all day long. Scroll below to know how!

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Understanding Frizzy Hair

Understanding Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair occurs when the outer layer of the hair cuticle becomes raised, allowing moisture to penetrate the hair shaft and causing it to swell. This can happen due to various factors such as humidity, damage, and improper hair care routines.

Why Does Hair Get Frizzy Overnight?

Hair tends to get frizzy overnight due to friction from tossing and turning on your pillow, as well as the natural oils and sweat produced by your scalp while you sleep. Additionally, sleeping on cotton pillowcases can exacerbate frizz by absorbing moisture from your hair.

    Tips To Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

    1. Regular Trimming 

    Keep split ends at bay by scheduling regular trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent frizz from traveling up the hair shaft. 

    2. Wash Wisely 

    Use a sulfate-free shampoo like our Argan oil shampoo to gently cleanse your hair without stripping away its natural oils, leaving it soft and smooth. Made with pure Argan oil the shampoo keeps hair frizz-free and naturally lustrous.

    3. Opt For Overnight Hair Oil 

    Treat your hair to some overnight nourishment with a lightweight hair oil like our Onion hair and scalp oil, which helps to moisturize and tame frizz while you sleep. You’ll especially love the fragrance of the pleasant Patchouli. 

    4. Leave-In Conditioner 

    Incorporate a leave-in conditioner like our Rice water leave-in conditioner into your routine, especially if you have curly hair, to keep your locks hydrated and frizz-free throughout the day. Fermented Rice water helps keep curls smooth and soft, and angelica seed oil leaves a very pleasant fragrance for you to enjoy!

    5. Use A Hair Mask 

    Treat your hair to a bi-weekly hair mask treatment like our Argan oil hair mask to deeply hydrate and nourish your strands, leaving them silky smooth and frizz-free. Made with 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil, the hair mask works wonders in keeping frizziness away. Soothing French Lavender is an add on treat for the senses.

    6. Overnight Braids 

    Create loose braids before bedtime to prevent friction and minimize frizz while you sleep. This gentle styling technique not only protects your hair from tangling but also helps maintain your hairstyle for longer, giving you smoother and more manageable locks in the morning.

    7. Strands With A High Bun 

    Secure your hair in a high bun to keep it smooth and frizz-free, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. This method not only tames flyaways but also helps preserve your hair's natural texture, leaving you with effortless, manageable locks throughout the day.

    8. Silk Pillow Cover

    Invest in a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and help your hair retain moisture overnight, resulting in smoother, frizz-free locks. The silk fabric's smooth surface also prevents tangles and breakage, promoting healthier hair while you sleep.

    9. Use A Microfiber Towel 

    Ditch the rough towels and opt for a gentle microfiber towel to blot excess moisture from your hair without causing damage or frizz. Microfiber towels are designed to absorb water quickly while minimizing friction, making them ideal for drying delicate hair textures without roughing up the cuticles.

    10. Use Wide-Tooth Combs 

    Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb to minimize breakage and prevent frizz, especially when your hair is wet and vulnerable. Wide-tooth combs are gentle on the hair and help to evenly distribute conditioner, ensuring that each strand is moisturized and less prone to frizz.

    Add-On Tips

    If you are looking for products that can repair and bring back the shine and moisture in your hair, consider using our Olive Oil haircare range.

    1. Hair Washing Techniques for Frizz-Free Hair 

    Rinse your hair with cool water to seal the hair cuticle and prevent frizz. Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously and instead gently squeeze out excess water with a microfiber towel.

    2. Drying Techniques for Frizz-Free Hair

    Shield your hair from heat damage and achieve smooth, frizz-free locks with Love Beauty & Planet's Argan Oil Heat Protect and Conditioning Mist. Enriched with organic Argan oil sourced from Morocco and Lavender oil from France, it offers superior protection while leaving a soothing fragrance. With the ability to withstand heat styling up to 230 degrees Celsius*, this mist ensures 98% less breakage and 60% smoother hair, making it a must-have for your styling routine. Flaunt your favorite hairstyles fearlessly and enjoy visibly healthier hair with every use!


    Achieving frizz-free hair is easier than you think! With these tips and trusted products, you can effortlessly maintain smooth, sleek locks that exude lustre and health. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to hair that looks and feels its absolute best, day in and day out.

    *based on the lab test vs non conditioning shampoo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:1 How often should I wash my hair to control frizz? 

    A. It's best to wash your hair 2-3 times a week to prevent stripping away its natural oils, which can lead to frizz. However, this can vary depending on your hair type and lifestyle. If you have oily hair, you may need to wash more frequently, while those with dry hair may benefit from washing less often to retain moisture.

    Q:2 Is there a certain diet or foods I should follow for frizz-free hair? 

    A. Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids can promote healthy hair growth and reduce frizz. Foods like salmon, avocados, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens are excellent for nourishing your hair from the inside out. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential for maintaining moisture levels in your hair and preventing frizz.

    Q:3 Is it possible to permanently get rid of frizzy hair, or is management the only solution? 

    A. While there's no permanent solution to eliminate frizz, you can effectively manage it with the right hair care routine and products. By following the tips mentioned in this blog and using frizz-fighting products, you can significantly reduce frizz and keep your hair smooth and manageable.

    Q:4 How does climate affect my hair's frizzy nature? 

    A. Humidity is one of the main culprits behind frizzy hair, as it causes the hair cuticle to swell and become more porous, allowing moisture to penetrate and causing frizz. In humid conditions, it's essential to use products that help seal the hair cuticle and create a barrier against moisture. Additionally, extreme temperatures and dry air can also contribute to frizz, so it's crucial to adjust your hair care routine accordingly based on the climate you're in.


    Written by Ayushi Limbachiya on May 16, 2024