Just like you, even I thought that my hair care routine was top-notch. I oiled my hair, used a gentle shampoo and conditioner and masked once a week. That’s textbook hair care, right? But little did I know there were many tiny slips along the way that were hammering my hair growth. After years of filling out those loopholes, I’ve come up with the ultimate list of hair care mistakes that I made and those you can avoid. Let’s go!

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6 Hair Care Mistakes And How to Fix Them


6 Hair Care Mistakes And How To Fix Them

1. Sleeping In Wet Hair

Had a long day, took a late-night shower, and slept in directly? Um, bad move. Sleeping in wet or damp hair leads to the growth of bacteria, fungus, and most commonly, dandruff. Even if you tie your wet hair in a bun or a ponytail before snoozing off, you’re putting them at a risk of breakage. 

What To Do Instead?

Apply a heat-protecting serum and then blast dry your hair on a cold setting. Ensure that your scalp is dry before you hit the bed. Our Argan Oil & Lavender Hair Serum for Frizz free hair offers up to 230 degrees of heat protection and leaves behind a glossy shine.

2. Applying Conditioner To Dripping Wet Hair

Ladies, if you wanna make the most out of your hair masks and conditioners, make sure that you’re not applying them on dripping wet hair. Otherwise, they will simply slide off. Here’s how you can save your product, money and hair!

What To Do Instead?

Use a microfiber towel instead of hand squeezing to remove excess water. You can also use an old cotton tee for this step. These products need something to hold on to, and damp hair provides the right grip. Liberally apply all over your hair shaft and then de-tangle.

3. Brushing Hair More Than You Should

Growing up in an Indian household, I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of excessively combing our hair to keep’em knot-free at all times. But the next time you reach out to that comb or hairbrush, take a pause. There are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, is your hair too dry or wet? If it is yes to either, immediately abort. Brushing dry hair will lead to frizz and flyaways and brushing wet hair will lead to breakage.

What To Do Instead? 

De-tangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb when they’re damp. Work your upwards from the roots. If you’re a curly gurly, style your hair when it's damp and use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to detangle when they’re dry, but do not brush.

4. Skipping The Serum

If you’re a girl with sleek, straight or fine hair you might have contemplated if you really need a serum. Because they’ve always made your hair look limp and greasy, right? But, in fact, you really need to find the right one. Leave-ins and serums keep your hair moisturized and protected from environmental damage.

What To Do Instead?

Those with a fine texture can rely on a light-weight serum to add shine and volume. If you have thick, wavy or curly hair, then a nourishing leave-in cream will keep that frizz in check. Either way, pick what suits your hair type and apply it on damp hair before styling.

5. Your Scalp Is Ignored

We often forget that the root of most problems is in the ‘root’ itself. An unhealthy and unclean scalp can cause scalp infections, hinder your hair growth and even cause dandruff. “But, isn’t my shampoo supposed to clean my scalp anyway?” To draw parallels, shampoos are like cleansers, but your face still needs a scrub to do the heavy lifting, innit?

What To Do Instead?

Pick our Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Scalp Scrub to do the work and get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and product buildup on your scalp.

6. Your Hair Is Tightly Tied

We casually throw our hair into a top bun or a high ponytail without second thoughts. If only we could say, no harm, no foul. But that’s not the case here. Hairstyles that tend to tug on your hair, or pull them backwards can lead to breakage or hair loss.

What To Do Instead? 

Sport a low bun, ponytail or braid. If that’s not your jam then use the right type of scrunchies or hair ties to wear your hair in a top bun or high pony. You can also use hair pins or claw clips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 How to improve hair quality?

A. Start by picking the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Oil your hair regularly and use a scalp scrub along with a hair mask as a weekly treatment.

Q:2 Should hair conditioner be applied to roots?

A. Conditioners are meant to nourish and soften your hair shaft. Applying it to your roots will weigh them down, and can lead to itching and greasiness if not rinsed out well.

Q:3 How many times should I wash hair in a week?

A. The answer depends on your hair type and texture. If you have dry, rough hair then shampoo 1-2 times a week. If your hair is straight and needs volume you can shampoo for up to 3 times a week. Make sure to not over-shampoo your hair.


Written by Rhea Shah on Dec 05, 2023