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1. Coconut Water

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One of nature’s best cooling drinks, coconut water is an essential ingredient in skin care and hair care products. Known for its superior hydrating properties, our formulas are powered with ethically sourced coconut water from The Philippines. The water is tapped from young green coconuts, and is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & sugars that help in hydrating and replenishing hair and skin.

2.Argan Oil

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Known as an exceptional, natural moisturizer, this golden-tinted goodie is widely used to keep dryness at bay. Popular amongst Mediterranean women for centuries, argan oil is full of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E. This power-packed ingredient helps in deeply moisturizing your hair and skin, increasing hair elasticity and giving your skin a vibrant glow. We ethically source our organic argan oil from Morocco, where argan nuts are first hand-crushed to extract potent, high-quality oil.

3.Murumuru Butter

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Native to the Amazon basin, murumuru butter is extracted from murumuru nuts that fall off palm trees. This creamy butter has more than just a fun name – it's packed with several beauty benefits, such as soothing irritable skin, sealing in moisture and retaining the color of dyed hair whilst boosting its vibrancy. We infuse our formulas with this vitamin A-rich ingredient, that is ethically sourced by the Amazonian locals, and carefully processed to maintain purity.

4.Tea Tree Oil

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Loved for its anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is an age-old ingredient used to detoxify hair and skin. Originally derived from the wet lowlands of Eastern Australia, we ethically source our tea tree oil via a steam distillation process. It’s infused into our formulas to soothe, purify and rejuvenate your scalp and skin.

5.Onion Bulb Oil

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Unparalleled at fighting hair fall, onions don’t just belong in your kitchen, but in your hair care stash as well. Freshly-squeezed onion bulb oil is rich in sulfur, making it great for strengthening your strands and increasing hair elasticity. Our pure and potent onion oil is extracted from the best quality onions grown in Himachal Pradesh, which not only reduces hair fall but helps in maintaining the pH balance of your scalp.

6.Apple Cider Vinegar

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Sourced from the icy Swiss Alps, this vitamin-rich ingredient is loved for a host of skin care and hair care benefits. Rich in antioxidants, acetic acid and vitamins B and C, this fermented apple juice is great at restoring the shine of dull hair and reducing brittleness. Carefully extracted from fresh, juicy apples, we power our formulas with pure apple cider vinegar to help you get hair that’s shiny, nourished and smooth!

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