How to achieve healthy hydrated hair

Visualize your hair longing for a refreshing dose of moisture, just like a garden in need of rain on a scorching summer day. Love Beauty and Planet is here to rescue your dry and damaged hair. Let's delve into some tips and tricks to leave your hair feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

1. Take Care Of That Frizz 

Dry, parched hair often leads to unwarranted frizz that can be as wild as a stormy sea. This happens when the hair's outer layer, known as the cuticle, becomes lifted due to insufficient moisture, allowing it to absorb excess moisture from the air and become unruly. But fret not! We've got some vital tips to help you conquer the frizz battle. Let’s explore how you can repair dry hair and enjoy the sleek, frizz-free hair you desire. 

2. Drink Up, H2O 

Water is life, and that goes for your hair too. If you're not sipping on enough aqua during the day, your hair might be screaming for hydration. You see, when you're dehydrated, your body prioritizes vital functions, leaving your hair high and dry. 

So, here's the deal – grab that water bottle and start chugging. Your hair will thank you for it. And don't forget to include juicy fruits and veggies in your diet because they're loaded with water and hair-loving vitamins. 

3. Deep Conditioning 

Think of your hair as a barren land, and deep conditioning as the life-giving rain. Deep conditioners are your best friend when it comes to reviving dry, brittle hair. Here's what you do: after shampooing, slather on that hair conditioner for dry hair, and let it soak in like a sponge. It'll work its magic, making your hair as soft and supple as a bed of roses.  

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Love Beauty and Planet Recommends: Argan Oil & Lavender Paraben Free Anti Frizz Conditioner is the best conditioner for dry frizzy hair. Loaded with pure Moroccan Argan oil, the vegan conditioner has a soothing Lavender scent. It repairs seriously dry hair and hydrates it intensely.  

4. Oil Up 

Remember, oil and water don't mix, but when it comes to your hair, they're the perfect combo. Natural oils like coconut, argan, and jojoba are your secret weapons for adding moisture to your hair. They're like the superheroes of the hair world, fighting off dryness and frizz. 

Massage your hair and scalp with mineral oil free hair and scalp oil. Just warm up the oil, apply it from roots to tips, on the scalp and let it sit for a bit. The oil will lock in the moisture and leave your hair feeling softer than a baby's bottom. 

Love Beauty And Planet Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Hair & Scalp Oil

Love Beauty and Planet Recommends: Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Hair & Scalp Oil to repair dry and damaged hair. Whilst natural Aloe vera softens strands, cold-pressed virgin Coconut oil nourishes it deeply.  

5. Trim Those Ends 

Split ends make the tresses dry, lifeless, and suck the moisture out of its healthy strands. If you want your hair to look and feel hydrated, you've got to get rid of those dead-end deserts. 

Schedule regular trims to keep your hair looking lush and fresh. It's like pruning a plant – it encourages new growth, and your hair will be as vibrant as a tropical rainforest in no time.  

6. Less Heat, More Love 

If you're blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair every day, you're basically roasting your locks like marshmallows over a campfire. Too much heat can rob your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and damaged. And we don’t want that, right? 

So, think before you expose your precious tresses to heat. Fall in love with your hair’s natural texture or go for heatless hairstyles. Your hair will be as grateful to you more than you can imagine. 

7. Choose The Right Products 

Love Beauty And Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz, Smoothening Combo

The products you use can make or break your hair's hydration game. Look for frizzy hair shampoo and paraben free conditioners designed to add moisture. Avoid those loaded with harsh chemicals that can dry out your hair. 

And don't forget leave-in conditioners for dry hair and hydrating hair masks. They're like a cool, refreshing splash of water on a scorching day – your hair will drink them up. 

Love Beauty and Planet Recommends: Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz, Smoothening Combo for hydrated, lustrous locks. Nourish your hair with this hair care range made with ethically sourced natural ingredients like Argan oil and French Lavender.  

There you have it! Your hair doesn't have to feel like a fish out of water. With a little extra hydration and right care, it can be as vibrant and refreshed as a dew-kissed morning. So, grab that water, drench your hair in deep conditioner, oil it up, trim the split ends, and give the heat a break. Your hair will be back in its element. So go ahead, make your hair as happy as a clam in high tide! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1: Is it necessary to use a leave-in conditioner for dry hair? 

A. Yes, leave-in conditioner can make a big difference to dry hair. It provides that extra dose of hydration to hair. Try Love Beauty and Planet Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Silicone Free Leave-In Conditioner suited best for Indian curly and wavy hair. 

Q.2: How can I keep my hair looking fresh during busy days? 

A. On busy days, we recommend going for easy hairstyles. You can include a hair serum in your busy hair care routine. Hydrating hair serums help keep the hair hydrated and looking lustrous all day long. They protect the hair from heat damage as well. Enjoy frizz-free hair with Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Hair Serum For Frizz Free Hair.




Written by Team Love Beauty And Planet on Oct 17, 2023