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Our Journey 

Our Journey

Love Beauty and Planet's journey is a beautiful blend of environmental commitment and innovation, creating products that enhance beauty while caring for our planet. We believe in making every hair care routine a conscious and enjoyable experience.

Love Beauty And Planet's Ultimate Hair Care Collection

Our hair care collection is the highlight of our journey, crafted with sulfate-free shampoo, nourishing hair masks, and conditioners tailored for all hair types. It's our way of celebrating all the wonderful years of sustainable beauty for a healthy planet. Each product is designed to enhance your hair's natural beauty without compromising the well-being of our planet.

1. Fight Frizziness With Argan Oil

There’s no better than bargain than our Argan oil collection. Our sulfate-free Argan oil shampoo, offers a gentle cleanse that removes frizziness. Additionally, the best way to nourish your hair would be by giving our Argan oil conditioner a try. And, finally when you wish to receive a luxurious treatment that leaves your hair irresistibly soft and rejuvenated, our Argan oil hair mask won’t disappoint.

Even our Argan oil hair serum has become a cult-favorite and customers often rave about its formulation. Damaged hair, no more.

2. Combat Split Ends With The Power Of Curry Leaves

Upgrade your hair game with our Curry Leaves collection! Our sulfate-free shampoo tames split ends amazingly while the Curry Leaves & Biotin Conditioner pampers your strands with a no-nasty formulation. Top it off with our lightweight yet powerful hair serum. Elevate your routine because your locks deserve nothing but the best!

3. Say Buh-Bye To Hair Fall With Onion Oil

Revitalize your hair with our Onion, Black Seed & Patchouli Hair fall Control collection. Arm yourself with the Onion & Black Seed Shampoo, a sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses and addresses hair fall concerns. The Onion conditioner is a thoughtfully crafted blend that nourishes the mane and reduces hair fall. We especially love Onion & Black Seed Hair Mask, a luxurious 2-minute treatment designed to strengthen and rejuvenate your strands. Want to pamper your hair that extra bit? Soak it in our Onion hair oil. It not only helps fight hair fall but also enhances hair strength.

4. No More Dandruff With Tea Tree Oil

Experience detoxification at its best with our Tea tree oil collection. The Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Shampoo purifies and refreshes your scalp, while the Conditioner nourishes your hair. This range is designed to provide a serene and calming sensation, making it the perfect choice for a rejuvenating hair care routine.

We are head over heels about the Scalp scrub. This invigorating scrub exfoliates and refreshes, leaving your scalp feeling revitalized. And its best accompaniment is the Scalp serum. Its lightweight formula reduces scalp oiliness, soothes itchy scalp and prevents dandruff recurrence.

A Birthday Special Offer:

We're thrilled to present exclusive birthday bundles featuring our ultimate hair care collection. Experience the power of sulfate-free formulas, the richness of Argan oil, and the deep nourishment of our hair masks and conditioners. 

Get ready for a December full of delightful surprises with our exclusive promotions! Enjoy the flexibility to choose between purchasing 3 items at ₹1399 or 4 items at ₹1799 complemented by a complimentary sheet mask for orders exceeding ₹999.

The most exciting offer? Buy 2 Get 1 free offer on individual items, accompanied by enticing Birthday Sale Freebies valued at up to ₹700. Explore our tiered reward system based on cart values, ranging from sheet masks to a Curry Leaves Mini Hair Combo, a chic Tote Bag, and even a full-size Virgin Coconut Oil product – all tailored to elevate your beauty routine. 

As the year wraps up, the promotion circles back to the Buy 3 @1399 / Buy 4 @1799, featuring a complimentary sheet mask for orders surpassing ₹999. Unveil the joy of beauty – it's the season to shine! 

For lucky draw winners, we have special birthday offers running! Win gift hampers with some of our stunning products. But wait, the celebration doesn’t end there! You can also stand a chance to win a grand prize! Stay tuned for deal of the day and more exciting surprises on our website

By choosing Love Beauty and Planet, you contribute to our mission of creating a more beautiful world—one that cherishes both your hair and the planet we call home.



Written by Ayushi Limbachiya on Dec 07, 2023