Love Beauty and Planet Busy Girl's Guide

Who cares about hair care when the phone is buzzing with urgent notifications? The fingers become the hand brush and the hair is tamed mercilessly with the rubber band. But what if we said your hair can look gorgeous even on the most packed days? Let’s see how you can give your hair love even on the busiest of days with the best hair care tips. Here’s a complete busy girl guide for hair care.

1. Include No Hair Wash Days 

When you barely have the time even to shower, pause on shampooing those locks. Giving your hair a break from cleansers is a good idea. It not only helps retain the essential moisture but also replenishes the lost hydration. Try dry shampoo to refresh your tresses. Another hack is to use a good leave-in conditioner and style your hair the way you like. 

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2. Skip Conditioner 

Is giving that extra 2-3 minutes of your time to condition your tresses stressing you out? No worries. Skip the conditioner and go for a hair serum or a leave-in conditioner instead to quickly condition those precious locks. Explore the entire Love Beauty and Planet Rice Water & Angelica Seed Oil Range to indulge in the best hair care for curly hair. 

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3. Hair Masking On Weekends 

Pamper your hair on weekends or on holidays so that it stands by you on busy weekdays. Incorporating a paraben free hair mask into your hair care routine is a perfect way to nourish and hydrate your hair. Choose a good hair mask loaded with natural ingredients that suits your hair type. Love Beauty and Planet hair masks are perfect for busy girls because they work their magic in a mere 2 minutes. 

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4. Get Hair Oiling 

Let’s open the cheat sheet for healthier-looking hair - scalp care! A healthy scalp will undoubtedly give you healthy hair. Massage your scalp and hair with a mineral-oil-free hair and scalp oil on weekends or more relaxed days. This will not only strengthen the strands but also ensure you have more manageable hair on hectic days.  

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Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Hair Oil

 For repairing dry and damaged hair. 

5. Brush Your Hair

If at all you must shampoo your hair, brush it before you shower. Detangling the knots before cleansing your tresses will ensure they will be cleansed faster. Start brushing your hair from the bottom and work your way upwards to avoid hair breakage. If your hair is acting too stubborn with those knots, try conditioning it before you shampoo. This is the best hair routine for busy days, we promise.  

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For smoother-looking, frizz-free hair. 

6. Change Your Hair Style 

Yes, we know they fall for your hair when you style it in your favorite way. But hey, watch out for the downside to that. Wearing the same hairstyle can cause wear and tear and damage your hair. Try a new look, avoid tying tight buns and ponytails and switch the parting. We promise this will work like magic for your tresses.  

7. Goodnight Tresses 

Don’t forget to give your hair a good night’s sleep. Oiling your hair overnight or applying a hair serum and leaving it overnight can also eliminate the need to maintain your hair excessively. Use a silk scrunchie to tie your hair, brush your hair before going to bed and use a silk pillow cover to rest your head. Yes, these simple hair tips can change your hair care game more than you can even imagine. 

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To Sum Up: 

Tiny steps towards hair care can change how your hair looks and feels. Even on the busiest of days, see your hair cooperate with you like never before. Enjoy gorgeous hair with Love Beauty and Planet hair care tips and hair care products. 

*Hairf all refers to hair breakage.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: How to handle knots and tangled hair when I'm short on time?

A. Comb your hair with a good detangling brush or comb after applying a leave in conditioner. Start from the tips and work your way up.

Q.2: Can the Love Beauty and Planet Onion Hair Mask be used daily?

A. Yes, Love Beauty and Planet Onion Hair Mask can be used on a daily basis. But we recommend conditioning your hair on a daily basis and using the hair mask during weekends for double conditioning.



Written by Ayushi Limbachiya on Sep 27, 2023