Marula oil


what is marula oil?

Marula oil is an antioxidant-rich ingredient known for its many hair and skin benefits. This lightweight ingredient is made from the kernels of the marula tree, native to southern Africa. Benefits of marula oil range from keeping skin moisturized and soft, to protecting skin from the harsh effects of the weather. With its vitamin-packed makeup, this moisturizing ingredient is particularly great for sensitive skin. We can’t get enough of marula oil benefits on skin! That’s why we’ve infused our limited edition Walk In The Woods hand and body lotion collection with natural marula oil, sourced from Namibia.


marula oil for skin

Marula oil for skin is known to strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier, so skin is left soft and smooth for longer. Marula oil helps to defend your skin and replenish lost moisture, safeguarding it against the drying effects of the weather, heating and air conditioning. Marula oil for skin also helps to raise and lock in moisture levels, so despite the drying effects of the weather, your skin will stay soft.


shield skin against the elements

This protective ingredient shields skin’s natural barrier against the harsh effects of the weather, so you can explore the outdoors without worrying about dryness. Paired with Cedarwood scent, our marula oil-infused skin products help to create a supportive barrier for skin and replenish lost moisture, all while delivering the warmth and woody ambiance of a forest.