What is argan oil? Best argan oil uses for your hair

You may or may not have used it (yet) but there is no way you haven’t heard of it. Argan oil has swiftly bagged the top-drawer status in the beauty realm and we’re one hundred percent here for it. Our love for this ingredient had us explore the North African country of Morocco, which is our primary source for this ingredient. Extracted by hand-crushing the nuts of argan trees, this essential oil is the one thing you need to explore if you’re obsessed with hair care. Find out all the reasons why you’re making the right choice by picking argan oil for hair below.

OK but, what is argan oil?

Made from the kernels of argan nuts, argan oil for hair and skin is not a new phenomenon and has long been used by African women to benefit from its highly moisturizing property. It’s full of essential ingredients like antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E making it a hair care and skin care staple.

How argan oil helps hair:

With its slew of benefits, of course!

  1. It’s like sunscreen for your hair
  2. From acting as a daily protector from UV rays to greatly minimizing the damage done by hair styling tools, argan oil is one of the best natural heat-protecting ingredients to make use of, courtesy of the antioxidants present in it.

  3. Deeply moisturizes them tresses
  4. Given that argan oil is rich in fatty acids, products infused with it instantaneously moisturize and revitalize dry mane and lock-in the much-needed moisture. Post-wash, once the hair is dry, find yourself continually brushing your fingers through your hair for that ultra-soft feel argan oil lends.

  5. Expert at fighting frizz
  6. Getting rid of frizz is not the easiest thing in the world. Those difficult, rough strands of hair standing out to make their presence known to the world are best tamed with the antioxidants and fatty acids present in argan oil.

  7. Bid adieu to dandruff
  8. Naturally, right? Argan oil, primarily used to treat dry hair, moisturizes the scalp and in the process, frees it of those pesky, white flakes causing itching and irritation.

  9. Locks in lustre
  10. A sure-fire way of boosting the sheen of your locks is, you guessed it, by fuelling them with argan oil. Rich in Vitamin E, this Moroccan ingredient adds a shiny layer to your strands and increases hair elasticity making them appear nice and glossy.

Ways to use argan oil for hair:

Argan Oil and Lavender shampoo & conditioner

Whether you’re new to this special ingredient or an absolute fan, say hello to Love Beauty And Planet’s Argan Oil & Lavender shampoo and conditioner. Packed with a whole lot of environmental and hair care goodness, there is only more and more to gain from this deliciously scented combo! While the oil does its job of hydrating and replenishing your hair, the French lavender leaves you with an unforgettable sensory experience. Soothing and calming, you’ll leave your shower feeling relaxed and revitalized.

And why choose argan oil from Love Beauty And Planet?

Here’s the thing about us, we’re die-hard lovers of the planet as we are of, well, us. That’s why we ensure that whilst we indulge in self-care, we’re also giving back a whole lot of love and care to our planet. The argan oil used in our shampoo and conditioner is harvested and ethically sourced from Morocco. The nuts are hand-crushed to extract the essential oil from the seeds making it completely natural, organic and sustainable. Furthermore, it’s paired with lavender, which is also carefully hand-picked, sun-dried and ethically sourced from the fields of France. Investing in meticulous harvesting processes like these is essential to us at Love Beauty And Planet because we believe in a cycle that empowers our farming communities, a cycle that is mindful and eco-friendly with a result that everyone cherishes. And that’s not all to us, our shampoo and conditioner is also free of dyes, parabens and silicones, is vegan and PETA certified. So that bring us to one question: when are you hopping on the argan oil bandwagon?

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