How Often Should You Condition Your Hair? Let’s Find Out!

Haven’t we all, at some point in our lives, battled the idea of skipping conditioners because they may make your hair greasy? But that’s a misconception that can cost you, leaving you with frizzy, brittle, lifeless locks. Truth is, conditioners are hair care superheroes, and with the kind of benefits they bring to the table, one should probably rethink skipping them. But to milk all these benefits, you should know the right ways of using one and the number of times to treat your hair to it. Let’s find out all about it below!

First things first, what is a conditioner?

Much like a body lotion used to moisturize skin, conditioner is like a moisturizer for our hair. Its main purpose is to provide ample hydration to our strands to reduce friction between them and give them a smooth texture & shiny appearance. It forms a protective shaft around the strands that makes it difficult for our hair to dry out and break. So, if you ask us, a conditioner is a pretty important hair care deal to skip! Discover a range of natural, paraben-free conditioners here.

How to apply a conditioner?

Since conditioners are meant to moisturize & hydrate strands, they’re only supposed to be applied on the hair shaft, that is from the mid-lengths to the tips. It’s best to avoid putting this on the scalp as it can clog follicles and cause greasiness. On the other hand, applying too much of it can weigh hair down and make it appear “oily”. The trick is to recognize your hair type and use it accordingly. The best way to apply a conditioner is to rinse out all the shampoo, squeeze out excess water, take a dime-sized drop of product in your palm and gently apply from section to section. Keep the product on for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly. Pro Tip: use a wide-toothed comb to brush your locks whilst the conditioner is on. This will help detangle hair easily and reduce any chances of breakage.

Now the burning question — how many times do you apply a conditioner?

The ideal answer to this question is after every wash. This is because shampoos contain cleansing agents which can dry out the scalp and hair strands. To replenish essential oils lost while shampooing, using a conditioner post every wash is necessary. However, it can vary depending on your hair type, scalp type, your hair routine etc. If you are someone with long and thick hair, conditioning 3-4 times a week basis your shampoo schedule is best practice. Even for people with dry scalp, frizzy hair or having excessive exposure to the sun, this routine will work best in keeping your locks healthy and manageable. If you have a naturally greasy scalp, depending upon the number of times you shampoo your locks, conditioning 1-2 times will be enough. Any more than that might just weigh your hair down.

How to deep condition your hair

Deep conditioning your hair is simply taking the usage of conditioners up a notch. You can do it once to twice a week depending on your hair type. A hair mask is what you’ll need for this. A hair mask contains a whole lot of nourishment, hydration and moisture for your hair. As opposed to a conditioner, a hair mask takes a little more time to sink in, and works on your strands from within, reducing frizz, boosting shine and health!

Interested in trying it out? We’ve got a couple of them for you to check out!

The Argan Oil & Lavender 2-Minute Magic Masque will work on moisturizing dry strands and taming frizz. It contains organic, hand-crushed argan oil from Morocco and natural lavender essential oil for a soothing fragrance. Post shampoo, apply it on your hair from mid-lengths to ends, keep it on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli 2-Minute Magic Masque helps in reducing hair fall and strengthening locks. It’s made with pure onion bulb oil from Himachal Pradesh, blackseed oil and infused with Indonesian patchouli for an uplifting fragrance.

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